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We at Universally Found are 100% transparent.  Most online marketing companies are just in it to make a quick buck, while we want to create lifelong partnerships. We want to help businesses succeed by providing the services that truly matter and doing them properly.  

Google has changed so many times over the years that now the ONLY way to succeed is through proper ad management, social media, and proper web design. Let's take a close look.

#1 – Proper Web Design.

     Getting more business online all starts by having a well built, responsive website. People have grown accustomed to seamless html5 websites that work on all computers, tablets, and cell phones.  If your competitors have a cleaner, flashier, or easier to use website than you, chances are that you are going to lose out on potential customers.  They say first impressions are important, and in the world of online marketing, that saying goes doubly so. 

     Even if you built your website 5 to 10 years ago, chances are it is already obsolete. The good news is though that html5 is here to stay for the foreseeable future, so you won't have to worry about rebuilding it again for years or even ever.   All of our websites that we create are built to be responsive and include a content management system that allows our customers to make easy edits themselves, if they choose to, without having to incur fees every time something needs changed.   

     The content management system is also helpful for blogging and social media in two ways. Websites that never change and sit idle get flagged by Google for being static, if you are posting new content regularly on your site Google will reward you with better organic rankings because it sees that your website is "active". The other way a CMS is helpful is that customers like to see a website with current, unique content. People like to see what's currently going on with a business or learn something new. An added bonus is that it also makes it very simple and easy to update your social media from blog posts. 

     Having a great website alone does not guarantee that a business's website will get real or direct traffic/customers though.....  

     Whether you are or aren't looking for any major changes to your website, let's look at the other various ways Universally Found can drive potential customers to your business....

#2 – Active Adwords Management

     Google Adwords is deceptive.  Google makes it seem like it is very simple and straight forward to build a successful campaign. The truth is that if you don't have a strong knowledge of the platform, aren't using all of the available tools, spending at least 10 hours a month, or not tracking conversions.  You could be wasting up to, or over in some cases, 60% of your ad spend on keywords, locations, or devices that are just not going to result in business.  

     In our free 20 minute consultation we will show you how active management of an Adwords campaign can only result in getting you more business.  When we focus these campaigns we center them around conversion tracking, because clicks don't mean anything. We want to be able to track whenever someone interacts with your website whether it is a call, e-mail, contact form, or actual online purchase.  At the end of the month we want to be able to report exactly how much money you put in and how much you got for your return on investment.

     We go over this a lot in our free consultation, but the main thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we can do all of this because we don't want to become a giant, we want to manage a small group of successful clients, and do it well.  This means we are able to ACTIVELY manage our clients campaigns.  We know, from first hand experience, that most of the larger PPC management firms existing today are only in thier clients account for 1 hour, one day a month all while charging $500 a month on average.  Almost all of that money is going to overhead for facilities, salesmen commissions, managers, and CEO's. All while they do little or nothing to make sure your campaign succeeds.

     We on the other hand are boutique, meaning our focus isn't on getting as many clients as possible. It's about getting a small group of clients, keeping them happy by showing results, and keeping them as clients.

#3 – Social Media Audience

     If you really want to take your business to the next level and get people to actually connect with your brand, your going to need social media.  Google is amazing for getting people what they need when they need it, but if you are looking to attract repeat business, nothing beats Facebook. The main problem we see with small businesses is that if you don't have enough REAL followers viewing your posts, then what's the point of creating new content? 

     We specialize in creating campaigns to attract new Facebook followers that are directly interested in what your company has to offer them. We do this by focusing campaigns around what Facebook users are actually interested in in their likes and interests. 

     The best part about having a focused group of Facebook followers is that they become a captive audience.  So you don't have to constantly pay to promote, every post is essentially a promotional ad that feels very personal.

     Don't waste your money on scams that will get you a thousand fake followers for barely any money, if you want a social media campaign to work you need real followers who are interested in what you offer. We build the campaign in your Facebook account and you will be able to see the progress of new followers. 

#4 – Live Chat – Chat For Charities

Chat For Charities is FREE for all 501Cs
Watch in real-time as website visitors enter and exit your website. See web pages viewed by them, how they found your site, accept chats, and invite them to chat. All done through our software.

  • Increase online donations from your existing website traffic
  • Convert your website visitors to qualified leads and sales
  • Interact in real time with visitors and guide them around your website
  • Solve problems and address customer service issues quickly
  •  Engage with people who don’t have time to read through your website
  • Receive priceless customer feedback
  • Enhance your company’s credibility and give your visitors confidence
  • Inform visitors of special offers that may not be listed on your website
  • Book Appointments through the chatbox
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment on e-commerce sites

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Putting All Of The Pieces Together

     Not everyone is going to want a full redesign, nor do they need it, but like we said before we want to create life long partnerships by getting businesses what they really need which are customers and not just clicks.

     From marketing, to landing page, to sale we want to maximize your conversions. So whether it is a full rebuild or just a piece of the puzzle,  Universally Found is here to offer you infinite possibilities to grow your business. Call us today!

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Complimentary Google AdWords Review

We offer complimentary Google AdWords reviews to provide insight and education.  

Areas the review will cover:

  1. How to decrease your Cost Per Conversion
  2. How to decrease your Cost Per Click
  3. How to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR)
  4. How to Increase your Quality Score

And much more!

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