The Universally Found History

Universally Found’s Co-Founders Jessica Bernstein and Jack Frazier were fortunate to find Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising at it’s height. Working for one of the top ranking firms in the country they quickly realized that the larger the AdWords partner became, the more of a scam it becomes.  Most large firms are only in a Google AdWords account once a month, all while charging on average $500 or more a month! Most of that money goes to salesmen, managers, CEO's, and overhead. At a certain point it just becomes a game of musical chairs, trying to sign enough new clients to match the amount of lost clients.

Jessica and Jack decided that after working and gaining knowledge from the thousands of the businesses that they tried to help, it was time to do something good and strike out on their own.  They realized that by just taking on a few clients, and keeping them happy, Universally Found could do a MUCH better job than the big name companies just by staying boutique and keeping their overhead low. 

We are not in this for a quick buck, we want to make you money, keep you happy, and create a lasting relationship.  Give us a call at (234) 254-2578 and see how we are different!

The Neccesity of PPC

The reason companies need PPC is obvious. Unlike anything else, Pay Per Click ads allow businesses to get top search result placement so they can be seen by people searching for exactly what it is they offer. SEO is a long process that doesn't allow for an immediate review of what keywords are converting.  With PPC companies can list a new product or service in the morning, and start getting calls later that day. There is no other form of advertising in the world that can get you such immediate and trackable results.    

PPC is here to stay, Google is a multi-billion dollar company and they know what they are doing.  If anything PPC is only going to become more prevalent and necessary for businesses to survive and stay competitive.  As Google continues to change their algorithm it will become harder and harder to keep a strong presence in organic listings.  Or if you are a newcomer to the marketplace, it could take years to catch up with all the work that your competitors have put in over the years.

We want to be the last stop for all of our clients when it comes to PPC management, social media, or web design! 


How We Know We Are Different

Universally Found’s small team of highly qualified professionals take great pride in the deep knowledge and value they bring their clients each and every day

The Universally Found team is proud of the fact that they don't want to be one of the giants out there.  Being a Google certified partner or just being Google certified are basically the same thing, the only difference is that a Google certified partner manages $10,000 worth of adspend.  Universally Found is thrilled to be providing the best PPC management available to it's customers. On top of their reputation, Universally Found works month-to-month, but does offer discounted rates for 3, 6, or 12 month contracts.  All of this shows their commitment to value, and relentless drive for providing the best results for their clients.

Universally Found will always be privately held small business. Universally Found is committed to customer satisfaction and helping our clients enjoy successful campaigns that rely on conversions and not just clicks. If you are interested in reaching more conversions and creating a long lasting relationship with a small group of experienced Internet marketing professionals, give Universally Found a call today! Call us at (234) 254-2578 to learn more.

Thank you,
Universally Found Family